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Please stop all this hate.

We aren’t like your oppressors.

We want to help.

Let us.

Don’t push us away.

There are so many more friendships to be made.


"we aren’t like the bad guys" "let us" "don’t push us away"

this sounds threatening and shitty and this whole post is shit and you are shit and there is shit everywhere

What the fuck is this bullshit.

"Tumblr made me pretend I was gender fluid to fit in" like what the fuck kind of asshat shit message is that.


in case anyone at all is wondering why we are always so pissed about “allies”

she doesn’t even address why she shouldn’t be grouped with our oppressors? and like she doesn’t address any of her main points, just says some shit defending herself, and then says ‘we love you all / please don’t hate us’ yeah right man now we’re totally in love with someone who previously fetishised and tried to label herself as genderfluid to “fit in.”

so instead of researching on how to not be an awful ally, or why people ‘group the oppressors” OR even why fetishising and pretending to be genderfluid is horrifically destructive, OP decided to waste their time on this dumbass comic. I literally hate you

bolded the last part cause op you fucked up

Bolded everything because YOU guys fucked up.

"weh cis white straight people can’t understand us" "lol you labeled yourself as genderfluid to fit in ur such trash"

did you ever stop and think that, MAYBE the ones that are trash are you people, who act nice and supportive but then do shit like this? I don’t even care if i lose followers over this, but all of the bolded stuff is BS and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

you people, some of you anyway, are idiots. instead of maybe being happy that someone is trying, you’re sitting here being morons and assholes to someone that had good intentions. was it right of OP to pretend to be genderfluid to fit in? not really, but you know what? considering how 99.9% of tumblr is, I can totally understand it. 

a lot of you people pretend to be all “omg we’re totally for everyone” and “we’re all such good people” but despite that, a lot of you are hypocrites.

you claim to be nice and supportive of everyone, but the truth of the matter is, you’re NOT.

unless someone is gay, bi, trans, genderfluid, or anything that is not straight/cis/white, most of tumblr doesn’t give a shit and thinks the person is stupid and uninformed and you know what? they are uninformed because the only information they get is delivered to them in this way and they’re constantly told that, no matter what, they’re the bad guy just because of how they are.

ever stop and think that this is exactly how the right-wingers view US? we are demonized by rightwingers because they don’t like our way of life, and they are constantly saying we’re the bad guys. let in soak in that all of you are no different than the people that try and oppress us.

I hope that makes you all feel real good about yourselves.

Bashing someone for their views and hopes regarding the hate on tumblr is moronic, and all of you should be trying to be helpful towards people that don’t fully understand the things they’re talking about.

And if the tumblr mentality wasn’t so strong with the rebloggers of this post, maybe OP wouldn’t have felt like they needed to pretend to be something they aren’t just so they could have friends on tumblr.

i was so distressed and upset at all the commentary until i got to the last comment thank you friend we need more ppl like you in the world

thank you oh my god.

hardboiledsloth is my hero


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